Specialist Tooling

We not only provide specials from the UK we also produce specials from our partners in South Korea.

We are able to offer a quick turnaround on specials in the UK ,or if you have larger quantities that are required on a regular basis, we can produce produce these at our partner facility in South Korea at a more competitive rate.

Our UK partner understands our need for quality, and often quick turnaround times are required too giving us a leading edge against our competitors.

Our Korean partner has extremely high standards when it comes to quality and delivery. Their policy on special tooling can often result in a minimum order quantity being as low as 10 parts!

If you have a particular requirement for a special tool , irrespective of industry or application, let us see how we could help you.

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Case Studies

We were sent this image to produce special micro cutters for this project. Even with the tooling being non standard, we were still able to acheive a 40% reduction in tooling cost over the existing cutting tool supplier.

In addition, the faster turnaround times, including coating for increased tool life gave the customer the added benefit of a stable process and reduced part costs.

Tool #3

We were asked to produce a particular tool to machine brass embossing plates. 

A highly abrasive material in its own right, we produced and supplied solid carbide cutters with a highly wear resistant coating. The customer is very pleased with the results and is now regularly ordering the tools on a call off order giving the benefit of lower prices with extended tool life.

Fast turnaround product for an automotive component designed and supplied within 48 hours!

Special drilling tools made from solid carbide.


A space and medical electronics giant required special micro chamfer tools designed and manufactured to their specification.

They only wanted 5-10 off quantity, but once they had received our quotation they opted for a 20 off cost due to the competitive pricing of the tool compared to their current supplier.



Our client required a rapid turnaround for a new bespoke tooling package for composite machining.

After assessing what was required based on material spec & application, we recommended tooling for the process and samples were produced and trialled within a very short time frame. Due to the nature of the basis this was very well received by the customer.

After a short period of time and analysing production performance, some technical enhancements were made to further improve surface finish and due to the simplified design, reduced tooling costs further, much to the delight of the client.


Large sub contract engineering company requiring emergency tools for an aerospace client.

We were supplied with partial spec drawings, but even with this minimal information we were still able to design & produce 2 out of 3 of the tools all  within 48hrs.

Pretty impressive I would say!

We were approached by this large defence sub contractor to produce a special purpose tool to machine the firing mechanism in hardened steel. The outcome was very favourable for both the customer & subequent ongoing business with Smart Tools UK.

Tool #1

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