Case Studies

Below is a choice selection of some of the projects & applications we have been involved with over the past few months. We have tried to look at a wide cross section of industries to give you an idea of the flexibility we can offer due to our experience & supplier partnerships.

For more information on client projects we have been fortunate to work on do not hesitate to contact us.

This particular customer was using button inserts to machine an external profile on a defence project.

The major issue for the client was not only tool life, but the reduction in machining time was a massive concern  to stay competitive in the current climate.

We opted for the Taegutec BLMP 50mm facemill. With the introduction of this product machining time was greatly reduced.

 The cost of tooling proved to be lower also, due to having 6 edges on the carbide inserts giving the project a new lease of life and a very happy client.

We were approached by the customer as they were having issues with tool life and excessive chatter & vibration with their existing tooling supplier on a large machining contract of Stainless Steel components.
In addition the existing machining strategy was causing swarf build up leading to re cutting and chipping of the tool.

Having looked at the application we chose upon a 16mm diameter VXR 4 flute end mill with 2mm corner rads.The diameter of tool and the corner rads were dictated by the existing machining strategy being used by the customer.

After looking at the machining strategy we chose to reduce the feed rate but increase the radial step over which gave a greater metal removal rate which was the first benefit. Secondly due to the increased core strength of the VXR, both chatter & vibration were almost 100% removed.

Tool life increased 2.75 times.

The customer has since been purchasing the VXR & other tooling in our range as a result of our technical support service.

We did confirm with the customer that they need to practice good house keeping on swarf removal from the table & work holding on a regular basis!

Rough turning Inconel 718 CNGA Turning inserts

The client had tried many options from varoius supplier’s, but tool life and production times had made the job a loss leader to gain extra business from their client.

After our initial inspection we recommended a ceramic insert with 4 edges which reduced the machining times by 85% tool life was increased with less insert changes lowering production times further.

Following on with our continuous improvement policy we changed the insert to a HNGG style with 12 pressed chip breaker edges tool life was increased further with the cost per edge reduced.

The Job is now the clients most profitable project.


Luxury super car client asked for our assistance to reduce drill usage and damage on composite materials.

Initial inspection we found the drilling wasn’t consistent causing breakages the flutes were too long causing chipping.

After inspection and consultations with the client we decided to redesign the drills with shorter flutes and reinforced cutting edges to add to this we decided DLC coating would increase tool life further this dramatically reduced the usage of drills with consistency in tool life.

We were invited to the client to analyse their existing spend from their current supplier as they were concerned with the tooling budget.

Due to the nature of the business, we were asked to do a like for like product comparison with no changes to the existing manufacturing process.Based on this requirement we opted to run trial tooling with the new JJ series range of Hi performance carbide cutters.

After extensive testing the client not only saved 40% on their tooling cost, but also due to the capability of the JJ Range they also benefitted from an increase in tool life giving them extra value added performance.

Micro Drilling project

Large Sub contract engineering company running a project drilling 2.8mm, 1mm and 0.55mm holes in 4mm thick aluminum plate.

The client called us in to see if we could improve on the current process.

 We looked to give the process a whole new perspective and opted for the Taegutec Typhoon unit.
This unit can be mounted in a standard toolholder and is powered by coolant pressure. Dependant on the coolant pressure available @ the spindle nose, speeds in excess of 50K can be acheived.

Due to its unique design, the Typhoon Unit requires no additional pipework, only the coolant pressure to power the unit.

In this particular client case, the available coolant pressure allowed us to gain an increase at the spindle from 10,000 to 35,000RPM.
This increase in spindle RPM gave us a pro rata increase in feedrate giving the customer a massive saving of 72 hours in reduced machining time over 4 components!

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